CAST, 2011

Referencing both the Romantic tradition and the romance of the theatre, CAST explores spectacle and artifice within photographic imagery.

Taken during a West End musical, these images capture the smoke, lighting effects and the performers follow-spot shadows on the foreground of the theatre stage. While the photographs seem to document an ethereal world of shadow and light, with an underlying geometric mapping plane, closer inspection reveals prop tape, scratches and lines of trap doors highlighting the overall mechanics of the whole within this systematic collaboration of production.

Performance 349 is a video recorded from the live feed of the Musical Director conducting the orchestra of this major West End Musical. Contrasting with the Director's impassioned gestures, the film is sound-tracked by a stream of letters and numbers as the Deputy Stage Manager calmly and simultaneously calls into action an intricate pattern of lighting and visual effects carried out by the technical team that recreate the drama on stage.

Ideas of authorship and spectacle are questioned, so that the onlooker's role takes center stage in a complex interplay of placement, manipulation and control.



> In memoriam: CAST text by Dan Cox